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About me

Understanding the process of change, I have personally experienced the effectiveness of psychotherapy during difficult periods. I am sensitive to pain, suffering and how we can heal and grow. 


I believe that therapy can help you see your narrative and situation in a new light, with more depth and clarity. It can change unhelpful perspectives and feelings about yourself and your life, and ultimately help you make positive changes. It might be the most important and satisfying journey that you will ever make.


Further information about me

I worked as a lawyer for over two decades in Paris and London, specialising in complex commercial law.


I realised through this career and through challenging life events that I passionately wanted to do more than help clients with their legal matters, and instead help people with their emotional difficulties and life choices. I trained for several years to become a psychotherapist, before setting up my therapy practice.


My career in law has been intellectually stimulating and given me much insight into dealing with high levels of stress and expectation.  I understand that one can often end up feeling discouraged and not good enough, and with other negative self-perceptions.


I have also personally experienced the challenge of moving and settling in a new country. This gave me a deeper understanding and interest in working with the issues of cross-cultural and cross-social differences. My interest also lies in exploring the interplay of cultural heritage and belief, and its impact on the individual within a multicultural society.  


I speak fluent French and English.

My Approach

I practice Integrative Psychotherapy with Psychodynamic, Existential and Humanistic theories.


I am drawn to the integrative approach because I believe that we are all unique and highly complex, so considerable flexibility and variety is necessary, moment by moment, for therapy to be beneficial.


C. G. Jung analytical method, existential philosophies and Gestalt technic are strong pillars of my practice.


I work relationally and endeavour to assist my clients to understand their relationship patterns and how these patterns impact on their sense of self, relationships and wellbeing.


The quality of the relationship between you and me is what will ultimately enable real change to take place. I am open-minded, dedicated and curious.  I offer understanding, warmth, depth, integrity and creativity. I believe that my humanity and insight are as important as the psychological theory underpinning it all.

I work with clients from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds, offering a confidential, non-judgemental and supportive approach; a safe place in which to focus on worries, consider change, and seek new perspectives.

I have worked successfully with individuals who have had difficulties in relationships, sexuality, identity, creativity and overcoming anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction.

My Approach
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